For most of us our home will be the most valuable asset we ever own. There are few purchases and investments that can match the value and equity of well maintained real estate. But this is just icing on the cake; first and foremost they're not just houses, but homes. It's where families gather and grow, where most of our lasting memories are made, a place more comfortable than any other. Our homes are an expression of ourselves and, rightfully, we take great pride in their appearance, form, and function. Nobody appreciates this more than the folks at J.H. Construction & General Contracting.

Sometimes we need just a little more room to upgrade our home to castle status. J.H. Construction will work with you to determine how best to integrate an addition into your existing floor plan and exterior layout, allowing the addition to become part of the home and not look like an afterthought. Build out, or build up. Add a porch, deck, or garage. Create a new room in your house, or expand an existing one. Maybe you want or need something more, but you're not sure what it is. Let the experts at J.H. Construction & General Contracting prove to you that dream homes do come true.

Join the thousands of Ulstery, Dutchess, Greene and Columbia County residents throughout the Hudson Valley who are satisfied JH customers!

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